Toddler Ones Program

Year Round Care Enrollment Options

*for walking 1 year olds*

Full-Time: 5 Full Days 7:00am - 6:00pm

Part-Time: 3 Full Days 7:00am - 6:00pm

OR 5 Half-Days 8:00 am - 11:30 am

Kindergarten Guide

Twinkle Twinkle little star, let us show you who we are...


At Small Steps Academy, we know how exciting it is to watch toddlers develop. They are always busy mastering new skills like talking, walking, and running that give them a chance to explore and practice independence. Our teachers provide nurturing and gentle guidance because they know development happens in the context of secure relationships with trusted caregivers.  

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A Focus on Early Learning

For toddlers, daily routines like feeding, diapering, and play time take up a good part of the day, yet, these activities and times offer excellent opportunities for learning. Our teachers pay special attention to consistently incorporate sensory activities (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling) other focused learning during daily routines, so all areas of development are addressed. Here are some skills your toddler might be doing:


Communication & Language Skills - points to objects; waves goodbye; says a few single words, then sentences; understands simple questions: "Where is your nose?" or "What sound does a kitten make?"

Fine motor - feeds themselves; stacks blocks; picks up objects with thumb and forefinger 

Gross motor and physical movement - walks, runs, climbs, bangs together blocks held in both hands; throws a ball; takes off some clothes

Social & emotional - enjoys peekaboo and fantasy play, participates in pat-a-cake and other social games; cries when you leave the room; likes being read to and looking at pictures together 

Cognitive - repeats behaviors that produce a desired effect, like dropping a toy over a ledge so that you can pick it up; follows one-step commands, such as "Pick up the toy;" looks at a book and will turn the pages; can match pairs of objects

A Well-Rounded Program

As a Christian program, Small Steps Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment that feeds your child's faith. Daily activities include Bible stories, simple prayers, discovery play, songs and music, outside play, snack time, lunch time, nap time, arts and crafts, fine and gross motor skills, letter and number time, as well as learning activities and games.

We have themes every two weeks and our circle time activities include songs, book reading, art projects, and other special activities such as sensory bins that all correspond to the theme or time of year. For example, children may experience and learn about pumpkins, using manners, giving thanks, the meaning of Christmas, hearts, love, plants, flowers, sand, ocean, etc. 

Chapel is held every Wednesday and families are always welcomed to attend.

Railroad Set

Toddlers do not develop at the same rate. Some children may be ahead in some areas and slightly behind in others. Toddlers who were born prematurely reach milestones later. Always talk with your teacher and doctor about your child's progress, if you have questions or concerns.